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At St. Gabriel and Sacred Heart parishes, we offer many opportunities for the members of our faith community to contribute their time and service to the greater good of God, the Church and the community. Below is a complete list of lay-ministries actively at work in our parish. If you feel you are being called to serve the Church through your talents and abilities, we would love to speak with you about any of these ministries to which you would be interested in contributing. Please feel free to call the parish office at (225) 642-8441 or you can visit our Stewardship of Ministries page to complete and submit a detailed form.


    Construction Committee
  • This committee helps to oversee the maintenance of all grounds and facilities of St. Gabriel. This committee sets maintenance priorities and creates solutions to maintenance problems. Commitment: meet the second Monday of every month.
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    Finance Committee
  • This committee reviews the financial report monthly, offers advice to the administration concerning finance, budget, and in conjunction with the staff, reports to parishioners throughout the year. Commitment: This committee meets every other month and as needed.
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    Office Mailings and Bulletin Folding
  • Volunteers assist the parish office staff with folding, labeling, dispensing and mailing the weekly bulletin as well as numerous specialty mailings throughout the year. Commitment: weekly bulletin; other mailings as needed.
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    Money Counters
  • This committee assists with recording and calculating all contributions. Commitment: according to a quarterly schedule.
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    Pastoral Council
  • The Pastoral Council is the decision-making, goal planning body of the assembly. The Pastoral Council is the organization, which oversees all other committees in areas of Administration, Education, Liturgy & Spirituality, Outreach and Community Life, and At-Large representation. There are six members of this committee, which rotate and are selected either by election or appointment basis for a two year term.. Commitment: monthly meetings and for situations as needed.
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    Additional Ministries
  • Other ministries under the Administration Commission include Office Helper, Artist, Writer, Seamstress and Calligrapher. Commitment: as needed.
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    Small Christian Communities
  • These are small groups of people who gather regularly in various homes to reflect on the Sunday scriptures and connect everyday life with their faith. You have the option of seasonal groups or ongoing groups. Commitment is determined by which group you belong.
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    Vocations Committee
  • This committee works to promote a greater understanding of what religious and priestly life is like and to encourage our youth to consider and experience a religious or priestly vocation. Commitment: as needed.
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    Prayer Line
  • The St. Gabriel Prayer Line supports the community in its concerns and specific needs through personal home prayer. The Prayer Line receives and records in a prayer line notebook, all prayer requests and passes them on to the next available prayer line member by phone. Commitment: as solicited.
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    Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults- (RCIA Team)
    Rite of Christian Initiation of Children- (RCIC Team) [See EDUCATION: RCIA/RCIC]
  • This initiation team organizes the Catechumenate process and meets weekly from August through June. Scriptural review and sharing with the candidates weekly. Presentation of Rites, Easter Vigil, and Mystagogia preparations are included. Commitment: weekly as a Team, and weekly rotation for Scripture sharers.
    • Catechists: teach and share faith with the candidates.
    • Sponsors: are chosen from a sponsor pool to accompany the candidates during the process.
    • Peer group Sponsors: associated with candidates for RCIC to have a peer share their journey.
    • Scripture Sharers: meet with the candidates during Sunday Mass to facilitate reflection on the Scripture readings.
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    Rosary Prayer
  • The primary mission of this group is to pray and promote Marian devotions and the Rosary. The group prays the Rosary before every daily mass and Saturday vigil mass. Morning Prayer and novena are offered. Commitment: as determined by group.
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    Hospitality Team
  • This ministry is an extension of the Ladies' Altar Society but demand necessitates that additional participants are always welcomed to provide for social events within each Liturgical season.
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    Confirmation Team
  • This group helps to prepare juniors and seniors to receive this sacrament by serving on the coordinating team, acting as a mentor/sponsor for a student, or as a catechist to teach. Commitment: all confirmation class activities.
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  • Those interested will assist in shooting still photography and/or video during special events. Commitment: As needed.
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    Mission Team
  • Many parishioners are needed to assist in the areas of liturgy, publicity, hospitality, environment, etc., with the parish-wide retreat held each year. The team meets in the winter to prepare for the Mission. Commitment: as needed.
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  • This traditional choir sings at 10:15 a.m. Mass on Sundays and provides music for other special services during the year. Commitment: Sunday liturgy, special services and weekly practice.
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    Altar Servers
  • This group, fourth grade and older including adults (men and women), assist the presider at all masses and at some special services. Commitment: as needed, scheduled prepared on a monthly basis.
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    Vestment and Linen Care
  • People are needed to deliver priest's vestments for dry cleaning and/or care for altar linens, purificators, and altar server robes. Commitment: as needed by the pastor.
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    Ladies' Altar Society
  • The Altar Society cleans and prepares the church building for regular worship and financially provides some church supplies. This committee also hosts and prepares food and amenities for all parish receptions. Commitment: meetings on the first Wednesday of each month with receptions as needed, $5/yr. dues collected to assist in church support.
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    Environment Committee
  • This group is responsible for making the church environment attractive and supportive of the Assembly's worship area with plants, banners and seasonal decor. Commitment: weekly and seasonally as needed.
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  • These parishioners proclaim the scriptures at weekend Masses, and at various special worship services throughout the year. Commitment: A schedule is prepared quarterly, and as needed by the pastor for special services.
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  • Sacristans are men and women who help maintain objects used for weekday and weekend liturgies. Sacristans also prepare items used for all Masses. Sacristans are needed for daily and Sunday Masses. Commitment: weekday and weekend liturgies.
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  • Ushers seat the Assembly, handle all Stewardship collections, aid the Assembly's communion procession, generally assist in worship hospitality, and assist the pastor as needed. Commitment: serve at the Mass one is attending.
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    Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
  • These parishioners assist the presider in offering Holy Communion at Mass; and bring Holy Communion to the sick and homebound of the parish. Some ministers bring the Eucharist to area nursing homes and hospitals. Commitment: as needed and by quarterly schedule.
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    Liturgy Planning Committee
  • This committee uses all ministries within the Liturgy & Spirituality cluster to plan and organize events for extraordinary liturgical seasons (Advent and Lent). This group includes environment, ministers, and choir. Commitment: there is usually a meeting a month before the particular liturgical season to plan events.
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    Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults/Children (RCIA/RCIC)
    • As a Catechist Catechists are called to share faith and knowledge of Catholic Doctrine with adults and children preparing for full reception into the Catholic community. Catechists work as a team and share teaching responsibilities. Formation is encouraged and is available through the parish and the Diocese. Commitment: once a week on a rotating basis from August through June with attendance at various rites and celebrations as needed.
    • Support Catechists assist the main catechists in many ways, such as small group leaders. Commitment. Once a week on a rotating basis from August through June.
    • Peer Companions Young people willing to share faith, friendship, and support with candidates and catechumens during their faith journey. Commitment: weekly on Sundays and as needed for special rites.
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    Religious Education
    • Catechists share faith and knowledge of God with a group of students in preschool through grade 12. Formation is encouraged and is available through the parish and diocese. Commitment: weekly following the prepared schedule from August through April. This ministry represents catechists in all of the following areas: Preschool, Elementary, Junior High, Senior High, Substitutes, and Aides.
    • Service Projects Volunteers plan, organize, publicize, drive, and chaperone service projects for all students. Through this ministry our students learn that service of others is faith in action. Commitment: as needed and planned from August through April.
    • Classroom Music we need a group of singers and instrumentalists to lead children and teachers in song during Parish School of Religion classes. Commitment: weekly from August through April, and for special services as needed.
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    Sacramental Preparation
    • First Reconciliation and First Eucharist - A team of catechists prepare second grade children and their parents for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Commitment: August through May as required.
    • Confirmation - A team of catechists prepare confirmation candidates and their parents for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Commitment: year round as required.
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    Vacation Bible School
  • Teachers, aides, arts and crafts, refreshments, drama, nursery coordinators, and music leaders are needed for one week during the summer to spread the Gospel to children. Adult and teen volunteers are needed for VBS. Commitment: usually 1-2 preparation meetings and one week during the summer.
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    Baptismal Team
  • This is a team of parishioners who meets on a rotating basis with expectant and new parents in a two-part seminar setting to share faith and prepare parents for the sacrament of Baptism. The team also assists with the celebration of Baptism by greeting, giving instructions, and escorting families as they celebrate the sacrament both during and after weekend Masses on various Sundays throughout the year. Commitment: six sets of seminars and nine baptismal dates a year.
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    Special Events Committee
  • Persons are needed to help organize and host the annual parish fair on the grounds of the parish as well as the annual parish picnic, parish auction, raffle and St. Gabriel Day. This will include preparation, serving, games and cleanup. Commitment: Two-three months in advance for preparation for the special event.
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    New Parishioner Welcoming
  • The Newcomers Welcoming Team invites new parishioners to attend and become a part of our faith family by calling on new families in our area.
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    Hospital Visitation
  • This team from time to time will be called upon to visit, share encouragement, and pray with parishioners who are ill in area hospitals and nursing homes, particularly when our pastor is unavailable. Commitment: as needed.
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    Knights of Columbus Council #3796 and Auxiliary
  • The KCs and Auxiliary are part of the national organization, which perform charitable works in the parish and local community. The KCs provide an opportunity for fellowship and prayer for its membership. Commitment: meets the second Tuesday of every month, and for scheduled activities.
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    Prison Ministry
  • This ministry visits and prays with the prisoners of Hunt Correctional Institute. They offer prayer groups, scripture study, choir presentations, etc. If interested in helping to form and organize this committee, please come forward in service to the Lord. Commitment: weekly.