Our Logo

Our faith community is wonderfully unique. We are a parish serving God’s people at St. Gabriel church in St. Gabriel, LA and at our mission church, the Sacred Heart chapel in Carville, LA. We are one of the oldest existing parishes in the Diocese of Baton Rouge and our logo reflects all of these great aspects.

When you look at the logo, you may first notice the iconic steeple shape that is present. This represents and is modeled after the steeple of our old St. Gabriel church that is still standing and preserved on the campus of St. Gabriel. The frame structure of this beautiful edifice is original and represents the long, rich history we possess here in St. Gabriel dating as far back as 1770.

The three cross finials on the steeple are depicted as they are seen on the old St. Gabriel church, but reflect several different meanings. The number “three” is the central theme of these representations. First and foremost, they are symbolic of our central belief in a triune or trinitarian God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Secondly, they illustrate our three churches, the old St. Gabriel church, the new St. Gabriel church and the Sacred Heart chapel.

The image of the Sacred Heart represents our mission chapel of the Sacred Heart, located on the grounds of the Gillis Long Center in Carville, LA. The Sacred Heart chapel became a mission of St. Gabriel in October of 2002 and remains an important part of our faith community. Additionally, this depiction of the Sacred Heart is also present in a mural above the altar in the old St. Gabriel church.

Lastly, the blue water elements embody an interesting connection of our two campuses. Both Carville and St. Gabriel are river communities residing on the east side of the mighty Mississippi River. Both campuses are located directly on the great river road. This part of the logo celebrates that connection of our church communities.