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Letters From Our Pastor

July 15, 2018 – In my letter of two weeks ago, I mentioned how our parish family has experienced the death of loved ones over the past year and a half. We all know that our faith teaches us that at the time of death as faith-filled people our life changes it is not ended. Jesus’ resurrection assures us of this truth. That surely gives us great consolation. However as faith-filled people we still grieve. This does not mean that we have lost faith; it just means that we are human and the human experience cannot be denied. Sometime in our grieving, we need help. This help is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of strength. As humans we need each other in the good times and the not so good times of life. We may need to express our loneliness, our angry, our fears, etc. We need to get it out of ourselves. Talking to others such as family members, friends, clergy helps. Seeking counseling helps, too. I know from my own experiences of the deaths of my father, brother, sister and good friends, I have needed help and I sought it through others and especially through grief-counseling.

If any of you are seeking the help of a grief counselor or group counseling, I recommend contacting the following:

Grief Recovery Center
4939 Jamestown Ave., Suite 101 Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 924-6621

Grief Support Services
St. Elizabeth Hospital
1125 W. Hwy 30 Gonzales, LA
(225) 647-5000

Grieving does not affect us only at physical death, but also at traumatic times in our lives such as the news of serious illness, loss of job, divorce, etc. These and others are “deaths” that come into life. We surely share our pain, sorrow and mourn at these times, too.

There is a wonderful article concerning mourning in the recent edition of The Catholic Commentator. It is written by Rev. Ron Rolheiser. I highly recommend it.

I was scheduled to be on vacation at this writing, however due to unforeseen circumstances, I thought it best to postpone it to another time. You do not get a reprieve.

God bless and stay cool.