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Letters From Our Pastor

January 6, 2019 – WOW what a rush. This has been one of most awesome Christmas’ that I have experienced. The churches were beautifully decorated, the services were well attended, the musical selections, the spirit of the services and the ministers of the services added so much to the solemnity of our liturgies. Thanks to one and all who gave of themselves to make it all so meaningful.

Beginning on Monday, January 7th, we are scheduled to begin work on the front foyer of St. Gabriel Church as well as on all the stain glass windows of the church. We will be replacing the steel framing of the glass on the front of the church with aluminum framing. You may have noticed the rust that has been forming. Over the years, we have treated these frames and have painted them, however the problem still exits. Replacing the steel framing with aluminum framing will solve the rust problems. We will also put double pane insulated glass that will control the condensation that occurs.

After this is completed, work will begin on replacing the steel framing of the stain glass windows of the church. We will not be changing any of the stain glass windows, rather we will replacing the steel framing of these windows. Over the years they have accumulated rust and if we do not pay attention to this, we will lose them. If you look at some of the windows, you will notice that are beginning to buckle.

The company that will be doing the work is Cangleosi-Ward, general contractors from Baton Rouge. The architect is Dale Songy from Coleman Architects from Baton Rouge. Barring any unforeseen problems, etc. the goal for the completion of the project is Easter. The projected price is $237,312.00. We do have the money in savings and the Diocese has given us permission to do this project. I have presented the project to both the Pastoral and Financial Councils as well as to the parish lay advisors. Please pray that all goes well and know that the windows will be preserved and protected well into the future.

On January 14th through the 17th, I will be out of the office. Along with Bishop Duca and my brother priests of the diocese, I will be attending our annual Priests Formation Days. These are continuing education days for us and our attendance is mandatory. There will be Word and Sacrament services and on Friday, January 18th, I will be back to celebrate morning mass. Please pray for us. Thank you.

God bless and have a good week.