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Letters From Our Pastor

February 25, 2018 – As per announcements and information on our website, next week we will be conducting our annual Lenten mission. The mission will begin on Monday evening, February 26th thru Wednesday evening, February 28th. Rev. Whitney Miller will be conducting it. He recently gave a mission at St. George Church

and drew a large and sustaining crowd of peoples. This says something about the power of the mission he conducts. I would imagine that we will have guests from the area in attendance with us. Let’s make them feel at home.

Theme of the mission is: PRAYING CATHOLIC IN ALL SEASONS AND FOR ALL REASONS. Father will be using the Catholic Catechism’s chapter 4, the section on prayer, as the basis of his presentations. Father’s first evening is entitled, “FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS” in this presentation Father will reflect upon the importance of silence in the praying process that leads toward greater union with God. Father’s second evening is entitled, “WORDS MATTER: MEAN WHAT WE SAY. SAY WHAT WE MEAN.” Father will share with us how to deal with difficulties and distractions in Prayer and discerning God’s Will in prayer. Our final evening’s theme is: “THE BEST PRAYER OF ALL.” Father will reveal the hidden secret of the BEST prayer of all. He invites us to come and learn the secret.

I think that we are in for a real treat with Fr. Miller. I have heard him speak on different occasions and he grabs your attention and holds your attention. Every time that I have attended his presentations, I have come away with a deeper spiritual awareness. This October he will be giving the annual retreat for the Diocese of Baton Rouge’s priest at Manresa. I encourage you to mark your calendars for this mission and be with us during this time of spiritual renewal and awakening.

I also encourage you during the Lenten season to avail yourself to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Our parish service will be on Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30 PM. Check the diocesan website for times and churches that will be offering these services.

Do not forget the Rice Bowl contributions and the St. Vincent de Paul, Fill-A-Pill. Both these offer us a way to practice Almsgiving which is one of the three penances for Lent that the universal church encourage us to practice.

May the Lord continue to lead and guide us during this Lenten season and may we be open to allowing the Lord to lead and guide us.

God bless.