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Letters From Our Pastor

September 16, 2018 – As I stated in my homily last Sunday concerning the present crisis in our Church, now is the time for us as Church, the hierarchy and the laity, not only to talk the talk of being the Christian Catholic Church of Jesus Christ, but walk the talk of being the Christian Catholic Church of Jesus Christ. We have sinned and now we must seek pardon for our sins with a contrite heart and make amends for what we have done and for what we have failed to do. We must resolve with the help of God’s grace to once again walk the talk of being the Church that Jesus left us. Let us continue praying for our Church and its leadership that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will be cleansed and return to our center.

One of my favorite forms of prayer is meditation. I read parts of Scripture and spend time reflecting on its message. I use meditation aids to help in my meditations. I now would like to share with you one of the meditations. The meditation is on the Psalm 51:9, “Cleanse me of sin….that I may be purified.” It reads:

A newspaper columnist wrote about a program for removing tattoos, especially gang- related ones from the bodies of young people. A surprising thing then happened. Thousands of letters came in from people over the country for more information on the program.

Because of the remarkable response, the Los Angeles School District and a local cable television company produced a film called Untattoo You. It told about the dangers of amateur tattooing and showed how difficult it is to remove small tattoos from arms, faces, backs and necks.

The stars of the film were young people themselves. They talked frankly about why they were tattooed in the first place and why they now wanted the tattoos removed.

The story makes an important point: All of us have done things in our lives that we now regret and would like to erase. Thanks to the mercy of God, this is possible. All it takes on our part is a desire to be forgiven and an admission of our guilt.

Let us continue to pray for our Church that God untattoo us.