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Letters From Our Pastor

November 4, 2018 – In the Gospel passage from Mark, Jesus calls our attention to the great commandment, Love God and your neighbor as yourself. Jesus makes the point that the fullness of love includes all three.

I read the following story that puts “meat and potatoes” on the meaning of love. The story is true and it is about a taxi cab driver in New York City.

“John Hughes drove a taxi in New York City for thirty-five years. He could fill a book with his stories.

One day he found an emerald ring in his cab. He racked his brain trying to remember to which fare it could have belonged. Suddenly he remembered helping a woman with a lot of bundles.

He drove to the spot where the woman got out. It took him two days to find her. When he did, he returned the ring. She did not give him a reward. She did not even thank him.

John said later, “I still feel good about the incident; I know I did what was right. (John did the loving thing).”

Love is doing the “God thing.” Let us continue doing the God thing, loving God, one another and ourselves.

God bless.