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Upcoming Events at St. Gabriel Church and The Sacred Heart Chapel

Way of the Cross

Every Friday during Lent at 6pm, we will meditate on Jesus' triumphant walk to Calvary during our Stations of the Cross service at St. Gabriel. You can meditate on St. Gabriel's Stations of the Cross online at the "Way of the Cross" image gallery HERE.

2015 Lenten Mission

This year's Lenten Mission welcomes Fr. Donald Blanchard. The mission's theme is "Taming The Demons Within." This is an exciting opportunity to make a close examination of the demons in our own life that keep us from faithfully following Christ. The mission will be March 9 - 11 at St. Gabriel church starting at 7pm each night.

During the mission, Father Blanchard will offer us the opportunity to study and reflect upon the scripture story of the Rich Young Man (Luke 18) and will challenge us to ask ourselves:

  • What/Where are our personal demons?
  • What are the things that we hold on to that keep us from following Christ?

We will look at the need for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) to aid us in our decisions to name our demons and rid ourselves of them so as to be true followers of Christ. Please join us for this anticipated mission.

The Light Is On For You

Our Lenten Reconciliation Service at St. Gabriel will be on March 17. This service will begin at through at St. Gabriel. Don't miss a wonderful opportunity to take advantage the healing and reconciling power of confession this Lent.

Ministry Sign-Up

Parishioners can sign up online to serve our parish community in one of our many wonderful ministries. See the "Ministry" section in the main navigation to explore the many ministries offered at St. Gabriel and Sacred Heart parishes. You can visit the Stewardship of Ministry page HERE when you are ready to make a commitment to the serving ministries of Jesus Christ and His church.