Letters From Our Pastor

Ordinary Time

June 25, 2017

Fr. Charles Landry

As we gather this weekend to celebrate Eucharist and to thank Deacon Tom and his wife, Mary Ann for their ministry with us, we also prepare for next weekend to welcome, Deacon Kurt Duplantis and his wife, Rosalyn (Roz) as they begin their ministry with us. Deacon Kurt and Roz

will be attending all the masses next weekend. Take some time to introduce yourself and give them a hearty St. Gabriel welcome. We will have a reception to welcome them officially in the near future.

Since March 1st, Ash Wednesday through June 18th, The Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord, we have been reflecting on the unconditional love and mercy of our God. The underlining message throughout this time is, God so loves us that God gave us His only begotten son who suffered, died and rose so that we could live. Not only that, God promised that we would not be orphans; God gave us God’s Spirit along with the most holy body and blood of Jesus to feed us on our journey. Now as we move back into the liturgical season of Ordinary Time, let’s take a moment to say thank you. Thank you, Lord for such unfathomable love.

Bringing this thought forward, I share the following story.

A man risked his life by diving into a raging river to save a boy. After the boy recovered, he said to the man, “Thank you for saving my life.” The man put his arms around the boy and said, “That’s okay, son! Just make sure your life was worth saving.” What the man said to the boy, Jesus says to each of us, “The greatest gift you can give me for saving you is to make the rest of your life worth saving.” That is the ordinary day to day task of each one of us. It is easy to live in the exultant times of life, it takes a deep commitment to live in the day to day.

God bless and have a great week.