Letters From Our Pastor

Prayer Garden and $10,000 Raffle

September 24, 2017

Fr. Charles Landry

We had a great Papa George Cook Off. There were many entries and much good jambalaya and white beans. The weather was beautiful, too. It was good to see so many cooks and so many peoples mingling inside and outside. Thanks to Wayne & Teresa Roy and all the Knights of Columbus. As of this writing, I have not heard the outcome. I am sure that St. Jude Hospital in Memphis will be happy. Thanks to all who came out and supported such a wonderful cause.

I was out of the office from Tuesday, September 19th thru Thursday, September 21st. The Bishops and priests from all the dioceses throughout Louisiana attended state wide convention in New Orleans. This convention is offered every four years and we had guest speakers who spoke to us on different aspects of our priestly ministry. This year’s theme was: Shepherding: Shepherding Today as a Priest, Shepherding Today as a Prophet and Shepherding Today as a Shepherd-King. A shepherd as we know is one who cares for the flock, the church.

While I was gone Deacons Tom Labat and Kirk Duplantis conducted Word and Sacrament services Tuesday thru Thursday. We are blessed to have two wonderful deacons. I returned to celebrate Eucharist on Friday morning.

I came back and continued preparations for the annual priests retreat at Manresa in Convent, La. Our retreat will be from the 2nd of October thru the 5th. Our retreat director will be Abbot Justin Brown, O.S.B. from St. Benedict Abbey in Covington, La. I look forward to this time of prayer and quiet. I ask your prayers for all of us.

It has been a long time in coming, but we are putting the finishing touches on the necessary documents, etc. from contractors and workers who will be building our prayer garden. This will be an added attraction to our church grounds and a quiet place to come to sit and pray. I have been noticing that we have a few peoples who park along side of the drive under the shade of the trees and some, on a nice day, sit and have lunch underneath the pavilion. Now they will have another place to come.

My weekly recruiting announcement for ministers to assist in our Eucharist is working. We have added a Eucharist Minister, two Lectors and two Altar Servers to the ranks. Granted is not a tsunami, but it is a welcomed addition. If you feel the Lord tugging you in the direction of any of these ministries, please contact me. Please know that if there is any other of our parish ministries that appeal to you, let me know.

Speaking with a few parishioners, I am interested in reestablishing the $10,000 raffle. If any would like to assist, please contact me. The proceeds from the raffle would assist us in meeting our financial responsibilities to buildings and property. We recently had to re-roof the church and attention needs to be given to the doors and glass paneling at the church’s entrance. Attention also needs to be given to our stained glass windows. The raffle proceeds would be earmarked for this necessary work.

May God continue to lead and guide us.