Letters From Our Pastor

The Christmas Season

December 17, 2017

Fr. Charles Landry

Every so often I am asked, “What should we do when we see someone on a street corner with a sign that says: “Homeless or Need Help.” “I want to do something, but I am not sure what to do.” The St. Vincent de Paul Society offers the following suggestion:

“When you see someone on a street corner with a sign that says, Homeless-Need Help, your first instinct may be to hand them a cash donation, but we do not recommend that approach. Many people are homeless because they are out of money and have no family to turn to, but some are homeless because of mental illness or problems with addiction. What they all need is a safe place to stay, people who care, and a chance to get back on their feet.

That’s the purpose of the St. Vincent de Paul “Hope Card”-to tell the homeless about the services we provide. Feel free to go to our website at svdpbr.org to print up copies of our Hope Card and keep a few in your pocket or your car. We suggest that you tell someone who asks for money that you have no cash, but you do have this card with services on it. We provide a place where they can get a hot meal, a bed, a shower and a second chance. Those really needing the service will be so thankful for the help.”

This is truly a wonderful way to assist a brother or sister in need. We thank the St. Vincent de Paul Society for establishing these cards. It is also another way for us to practice the Corporal Works of Mercy. I encourage you to avail yourself to these cards.

We are fast approaching Christmas. Remember that we will be simultaneously celebrating the 4 PM Christmas vigil mass at St. Gabriel and Sacred Heart Chapel at Carville. Fr. Lamar Parton, a Redemptorist Priest and good friend, will preside at Sacred Heart in Carville along with Deacon Kirk. Music will be provided. Deacon Tom Labat and I will preside at St. Gabriel. We normally have a great attendance at this mass, so much so that many have to stand. This should help the overflow and aid in fuller participation. It will also help in the parking.

Please seriously consider helping in the decorating of the church for Christmas. We need as many hands on deck as is possible. The times we need help are: this Sunday, December 17th after the 10:15 mass and next Sunday, December 24th after the 7:00 A. M. mass. This year is a push with Christmas Eve being on Sunday, but remember: