Letters From Our Pastor

Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 21, 2017

Fr. Charles Landry

I begin by pointing out that in the listing of ministries that we offer in our parish, one was not included. That ministry is Faith Sharing with our brothers at Hunt Prison. This ministry entails members of our faith community gathering at Hunt Prison on Thursday evening and reading the Scripture for the coming weekend and sharing how the Word of the Lord speaks to them. It is a wonderful ministry as well as a wonderful way to practice the Corporal Works of Mercy of Visiting the Imprisoned. If you are interested, please speak to me.

Prison ministry is a ministry that is close to my heart. I regularly celebrate the Eucharist at Hunt Prison on Friday afternoon. I also celebrate the Eucharist at Hunt Prison for a number of the women from L. C. I. W. who are there due to the flooding. I also celebrate Eucharist at Jetson Prison in Baker. Some of the women from L.C. I. W. are there, too. Finally, I celebrate Eucharist at the Louisiana State Police Barracks in Zachary every six months or so. I cannot stress enough how important it is for all of us to practice some form of ministry. To be Christian is to be Christ-like and to be Christ-like is to be committed to offering our love and service to Christ’s Church and ministry, along with prayer and monetarily support, is a wonderful way that we express our commitment. BE COMMITTED.

On behalf of our parish community, I offer our congratulations to all our graduates. You have reached a great milestone in your life. Enjoy your accomplishment and look forward to many more. Have confidence in what you have done and be confident in what you can accomplish in the future. Our Diocese will be blessed with two new priests. On Saturday, May 27th at 10 AM in St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Bishop Muench will ordain Deacons Pat Broussard and Ryan Hallford to the priesthood. On Saturday, June 10th, Bishop Muench will also ordain our new class of Permanent Deacons of which Gary Mooney and Minos Ponville are members. Our prayers are with them and let us continue to pray for future priests, deacons and religious priests, sisters and brothers as well as the present ones.

Let us continue praying for the growth of our parish, St. Gabriel, our Diocesan church of Baton Rouge and the universal Catholic Church of Rome and the world. Let us also continue praying for all of us to be fully committed in our membership.

God bless.